Read to know Taeyeon’s fitness secrets

Want A Toned Body Like Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon? Check Out Her Fitness Secrets

Taeyeon is constantly known to have an endearing face. Taeyeon, who used to have bulgy cheeks and a chubbier face, presently looks slimmer with a V line face. Since then everyone is keen to know about her diet plan. However, it was known that Taeyeon herself didn’t go on a tight eating regimen. Rather, she had an exceptionally tight schedule, both with SNSD and solo. As she used to be busy all the time, so to maintain her meal timings and work, helped her to earn that slim face and toned body.

Here are 4tips from SNSD to keep yourself healthy and fit.

1. The perfect measure of food.

SNSD’s Jessica was known to eat just 50% of an egg rather than the entire egg to keep her calories in charge.

2. At least 3 meals per day

It is advised to consume food in divisions. And which is why the members have their food 3 times a day, which increases their metabolism altogether and also help them to keep their body in shape.

3. Exercise

Now, not just a strict diet. We all have to keep our workout plan up to date as well. To work out in the right way is very crucial to have a fit and healthy body.

4. Stay Hydrated!

It is one of the universal tips, to drink a lot of water every day.

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