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The total wealth of the K-Pop band Seventeen will knock your sense off.

Woah: Net Worth Of K-Pop Boy Band Seventeen Will Drive You Insane!

Over the years, K-pop has started to dominate idol culture in many dominant parts. From fashion to music, they are ruling and spreading widely. There are numerous bands in the K-pop music industry. And slowly, the K-pop industry is widely flourishing and gaining colossal fame and success across the globe. Famous names like BTS, Blackpink, EXO, and many others have made their mark. One such popular boy band consisting of 13 members is Seventeen.

The Seventeen is also popularly known as the SVT boy group, with a total of 13 members. They are very well-known and popular for self-producing hip hop music. They have also released two albums. They are not just known for their great songs and albums. They have recently released An Ode, which was a huge success. They have sung a Japanese single Happy Ending.

Seventeen are also popularly known for their excellent fashion skills. They have earned the majority of their earnings through numerous brand endorsements. The whole band is known to promote a Japanese beauty brand known as Saem that instantly sells out across the Japanese market. They have a total net worth of 3.1 million dollars as per the data from celebrityworths.com

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