Adam Schlesinger dies at 52 due to CoronaVirus…

Adam Schlesinger, a Grammy-winning songwriter dies of CoronaVirus

The founding member of the band’s Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, and Tinted Windows, Adam Schlesinger succumbed to the coronavirus infection and died on Wednesday morning in New York. His family had released a statement on Tuesday that he was hospitalised after getting infected with COVID-19. He had been hospitalized and placed on a ventilator two weeks prior to his death. US media reports state he died of “complications from the coronavirus” but it is unclear if he had any underlying health conditions.

Adam Schlesinger won three Emmys, a Grammy, and was nominated for Oscar, Tony and Golden Globe Awards. His friends from the music industry were shocked to learn about his death. Many took to Twitter to express their gratitude towards Adam and also pay their respects to this talented songwriter. Schlesinger had one of the most unique and busiest careers in pop. The novel CoronaVirus is claiming thousands of lives every day and the number of cases are rising every minute. We have lost some of the best artists, actors to this deadly virus and we are certainly going to miss them.

May the departed soul rest in peace!

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