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In conversation with Ghulam Hasan Khan

Vocalist Ghulam Hasan Khan urges that Independent artists should be paid their bits on time

Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana based, an Indian vocalist Ghulam Hasan owing his allegiance to the Miyan Tansen’s tradition worships his art. In this times when people are using all possible good as well as bad means to earn money; Ghulam only wants to get his share through the art that he performs out there. The young artist is a bit disappointed though with the current scenario of payments and negotiations that go in place. He urges that people should take art, independent artists and traditional music seriously and make sure the talents are paid fairly to what they deserve.

Being stuck in the lockdown, Hasan took a shift from stage shows to online ones. And completed more than 2 dozen online shows between April and July. But he feels ironically social media being a good platform to showcase talent but the monetary aspect is being looked down at times. In his opinion the artists are not getting fairly paid and this can lead to the downfall of Indian traditional art.

Hasan says, “I’m glad I got this opportunity to perform online and get myself adhere to the digital shift of concerts. But I genuinely feel the monetary aspect has gone for a toss. Not everyone pays independent as well as traditional artists on time. Even we need to take care of our daily basic requirements. And in today’s times of barter collaboration, things are seeming paralyzed for the growth of the traditional art. I urge that artists should be given their share and talents should be supported and uplifted.”

Ghulam has been learning classical music vocals from his grandfather, Padma Shri Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan and father, Ustad Ghulam Abbas Khan from the age of four.

We wish this much talented artist good luck and much success ahead.

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