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Dhvani Bhanushali has some serious fashion lessons to give. Read below to know more

10 Outfit Lessons Girls Can Learn From Dhvani Bhanusali

Dhvani Bhanushali has always been the fashion figure we all love to look up to as an inspiration. Be it the lady in black or chic in ethnic, she slays. So let’s see what tips can Dhvani Bhanushali offer us when it comes to styling oneself.

Here are some 10 tips from Dhvani Bhanushali that have always to be remembered.

1. Always remember to dress for yourself. And so be confident in whatever you wear.

2. There is nothing as too much black. You can never go wrong when it is black you are opting.

3. Always try to be minimal trying not to go too much out of the way.

4. Being a woman, some of the essential outfits are- basic white tee, ripped jeans.

5. The accessory would always do the magic to make the outfit look more sophisticated.

6. Never try and wear something that makes you uncomfortable. It has to be something that you are at ease in.

7. Want to turn a simple outfit glamorous? Never forget to wear lipstick. It surely steals the game.

8. If you have nothing to wear, always go for something ethnic. It surely would make people stop and stare.

9. Heels, boots, flats, and jootis are the most essential footwear every girl should own.

10. Never forget to put on your smile. It is the best outfit transformation you would have.

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