Take a look at the airport looks of BTS Jungkook

As Jungkook boarded an earlier flight to the United States, the BTS singer stunned the ARMY with his perfect airport style. Take a look at the photographs and videos that are causing a stir among admirers! He’d done it before, and now he’d done it again! Fans are going crazy about Jungkook’s airport style as if he doesn’t already cause enough internet chaos daily. His latest style is comfortable and a total of 10 on our fashion scale, dressed casually but chicly. Have you seen the visuals yet? The Airport looks of the star are just fab, and he just looks superb.

 The artist is a handsome-looking person and is successful in winning the hearts of millions of people. Jungkook, BTS’ golden maknae, went for the United States today, for those who are unaware. While several media outlets reported that he would arrive in LA before joining the rest of BTS in Washington, officials have yet to confirm the information. BTS will meet with President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss “the importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as BTS’ platform as youth ambassadors who transmit a message of hope and happiness around the world” for the uninitiated.

In any case, he boarded an earlier aircraft for his mystery project,’ also known as JJK1 or a collab track, according to fans. And, being the fashionista that he is, his OOTD had to be spectacular. He wore a plain white tee with loose pants and a cap to keep his look classic. And, yes, we noticed that he eschewed his typical all-black ensemble in favour of a more youthful approach! 

Check out the airport look of Jungkook and stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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