Here are some pictures of Baekhyun from EXO and his ethereal photoshoot

Byun Baek-Hyun, a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor, is most popularly known by his stage name, Baekhyun. Being a part of the Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO and its subgroups EXO-K and EXO-CBX, he made his professional debut in 2012. He released his first E.P., City Lights, in July 2019, marking his solo debut. Additionally, Baekhyun is a part of the South Korean supergroup SuperM.

South Korea’s Gyeonggi Province is home to Baekhyun’s birthplace, Bucheon. His brother is Byun Baek-beom, who is seven years older than he is. When he was 11 years old, Baekhyun began taking singing lessons after being influenced by the South Korean musician Rain. He went to Jungwon High School in Bucheon, where he was the band’s main vocalist and won a local music competition. He took piano lessons from DickPunks member Kim Hyun-woo, a member of the South Korean rock group. Baekhyun holds a dan three black belt in Hapkido, in addition to his involvement in music and martial arts. While preparing for the Seoul Institute of the Arts entrance tests, an S.M. Entertainment representative saw Baekhyun. In 2011, he subsequently joined S.M. Entertainment via the S.M. Casting System. Although he has a strong voice and captivating stage persona, he is actually a happy, upbeat youngster when he is not performing. Baekhyun attends Kyung Hee Cyber University and studies online for the Culture and Arts Department of Business Administration, together with fellow EXO members Chanyeol and Suho.

See some of EXO’s Baekhyun’s ethereal photoshoot moments below.

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