“Nai Lagda,”is touted as the first Indian song to be made entirely on unreal images.Check out below

Singer Ajayank’s debut song, “Nai Lagda,” with Loop Beats Records offers unreal brilliance shot with unreal engine magic.

Over the years, various industries have achieved several milestones. These achievements are the result of the endless efforts, creative ideas, and revolutionary work of professionals across fields. At the same time, we cannot ignore the phenomenal developments that the tech world has produced.

The music industry is one to have noticed the rise of too many such developments, and the latest to add to that is Indian Record Label Loop Beats Records’ inventive efforts of creating a music video with unreal images.

It’s true! Ajayank, a young singer from Delhi, India, has been generating a lot of positive buzz around his debut song titled “Nai Lagda.” The song has been produced by the well-known Loop Beats Records, under the leadership of founders Yatendra Meghwal, Divyanshu Dixit, and Abhishek Mishra.

“Nai Lagda” was released on top music platforms on September 22, 2023. The song has already received enormous love and streams from fans and music lovers worldwide.

The debut song of Ajayank, “Nai Lagda,” has gained considerable attention due to the brilliance demonstrated by Loop Beats Records in creating its music video. The video is not made from real shots or images but rather from the magic of an unreal engine with unreal images, which is the reason why it stands out.

The Indian music scene is witnessing something unprecedented with Loop Beats Records and its young singers like Ajayank. They are breaking new grounds in the industry and creating a revolutionary wave in Indian music. It’s safe to say that the work they are doing is unlike anything seen before in the country.

Ajayank is excited about the consistently positive response the song has gained and feels responsible for serving listeners and music lovers the best he can, even in his upcoming music projects.

He is excited to collaborate further with Loop Beats Records and produce more phenomenal hits together. Their unique approach has already resulted in an engaging and entertaining music video with stunning visuals, created using the Unreal Engine. They aim to continue offering audiences something distinctive and memorable.

Keep watching this space for more updates on Ajayank and Loop Beats Records.