If you are missing your beau, then listen to these songs and dedicate one to your love

10 Mohammed Rafi’s Songs About Missing Someone You Love

Gifted with a fantastic voice, Mohammed Rafi was a talented multilingual singer. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest, and the finest singers of the Hindi cinema who had a voice gifted by gods. He was a man of some unique talent, many of which perhaps remains a mystery to many of his fans and admirers. He has given many of the best songs to the music industry while looking back at his incredible contributions in the golden era. And his songs will never fail to store upstream of emotions in the listener’s consciousness.

Mohammed Rafi is a guy who will remain unmatched with, and there will be no other Rafi any more amongst us, the one who could match his voice perfectly. He has been a highly inspirational figure to many present singers.

Mohammed Rafi’s tracks will get you missing your love interest. His records are the best escape or escort for your emotions. He can make you feel wonders or get you lost in the abyss. Here are some of his best tracks if you are missing your beau

Aane Se Uske Aaye Bahar

Chand Mera Dil

Chahoonga Main Tujhe

Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata

Kya Hua Tera Wada

Pardesiyon Se Na Ankhiyan Milana

Jo Wada Kiya Woh Nibhana Padega

Aja Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyar

Teri Galiyon Mein

Yeh Reshmi Zulfein

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