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Shreya Ghoshal's songs that are phenomenal

10 Shreya Ghoshal’s Unforgettable Tracks

Shreya Ghoshal is one of the most respected artists in the Bollywood industry. Her voice is sometimes even compared to legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar. Shreya Ghoshal has made an enormous contribution to the music industry.

Shreya Ghoshal has a naturally sweet honey-like voice that has got hundreds and millions of fans going crazy for her. She has sung several songs that are considered iconic because of her incredible voice. She sings classical, ghazals, bhajans and has won several awards. In the United States of Ohio, the governor declared 26th June 2010 as Shreya Ghoshal day as well as in April 2013 she was honored in London by the selected members of House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

Best Shreya Ghoshal’s hit tracks that have made an enormous mark and will never be forgotten


Thode Badmash

Agar Tum Saath Ho

Sunn Raha Hai


Teri Meri

Naina Re


Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai

Deewani Mastani

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