Travel with Mohammed Rafi's tracks playing on the stereo after the lockdown

4 Mohammed Rafi’s Best Travel Songs For The Perfect Playlist 2020

Mohammed Rafi knows how to get your true self out with his voice. Have you ever heard a song, and the music just clicked? Was there a song that was playing the whole day in your mind? Has it happened with you that you are on a ride, and one song suddenly starts to play on your radio, the one you heard as a kid? Well, all you do is start jamming along, right? That’s perfectly what Mohammed Rafi and his tracks do.

Mohammed Rafi’s songs are a real mood changer. If you are listening to his heartbreak tracks, you will feel like you could relate to every pain-filled lyrics he sings. A party number and all you would do is the dance to the tune. He is just magical.

Here are some of the best Mohammed Rafi’s tracks that can be included in your road trip playlist. Surely, you can jam along and have the best road trip post-quarantine.

Jaanu Meri Jaan

Chal Mere Bhai

O Meri Mehabooba

Kya Dekhte Ho

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