Rewind to the best growing days with these Mohammed Rafi's tracks

4 Mohammed Rafi’s Songs With Your School Memories

Mohammed Rafi has always been the timeless beauty of melodies. And so why not bring back some of the most beautiful school memories with his pleasant voice. A place where we might have experienced our very first crush. Also, school is a place where pot full of memories were made. Many things were learned from the syllabus as well as out of the curriculum, a place where perfect innocent memories were made before we stepped out in the whole full world breaking through our eggshells.

The influencer of numerous artists who had a heavenly voice, Mohammed Rafi surely was one of the greatest boons to the music industry. He also was one of the top contributors to change and left behind a substantial impacting legacy to the industry.

A void that would never be filled was such the voice of Mohammed Rafi. He gave us lasting melodies that have still been lovely and fresh as new. Why not evoke some of our old school memories with his voice? Listen to the greatest legend and his mesmerizing voice.

Isharo Isharo Mein

Khoya Khoya Chand

Chura Liya Hai

Bar Bar Dekho

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