Mohammed Rafi sings best light-hearted tracks

5 Mohammed Rafi’s Funny Hindi Songs Of Bollywood

Quarantine is no more chill, and it is making everyone go crazy. People have not just been social distancing but now have begun to feel mental distancing as well. Staying at home not being able to go out is driving everyone to insanity. After watching, reading, and cooking, there is nothing much to be done.

How to spend more time and get done with another annoying day? Why not break the monotony of quarantine and listen to some chilling songs, not Neha Kakkar, Darshan Raval or Arijit Singh but the one which our parents grew up listening to Mohammed Rafi, the legendary singer of the industry.

With Mohammed Rafi who gave some fun tracks, let’s cheer ourselves up and motivate, empower and inspire to get through this without losing the last sanity left.

Fantastic five tracks by Mohammed Rafi are light-hearted and fun to listen to. They will instantly light up your mood.

Sar Jo Tera Chakraye

Govinda Aala Re Aala

Tayyab Ali Pyar Ka

Affoo Khuda

Gulabi Aankhon Se

Don’t you agree Mohammed Rafi was the best artist in the industry? He had a heavenly voice and instantly touched our hearts with his melodic vocals. The music industry was blessed with such a god-like figure and will never have a great personality as Rafi saheb.

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