To the right and crazy times that we look back to with these Mohammed Rafi's songs to cherish

5 Mohammed Rafi’s Songs about looking back on good memories

We all wish to go back to the good old time again and cherish the happy times. The memories that make you smile no matter how many lemons life has thrown your way until now. Because as it is said, no matter how many lemons life throws your way, stock them up and have them with your vodka, chilling, and enjoying. Good memories are the timeless treasures stored in our hearts.

With his astonishing voice, Mohammed Rafi will let you visit the thousand old memories unknowingly created and become something that you would always wish to go back to. Desiring to know you were in good times before they became a past.

With these excellent and loving Mohammed Rafi’s songs, he will take you down the memory lane with a nostalgic run so that 2020 might not seem so much of a challenging year as it has already seemed to have been.

Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paoge

Chura Liya Hai Tumne

Pooche Jo Koi Mujhse

Rab Na Kare

Qayamat Hai Qayamat

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