Here are a few Mohammed Rafi's tracks that you can entirely dedicate to your girlfriend

5 Mohammed Rafi’s Thoughtful Love Songs To Dedicate To Your Girlfriend!

What is the best way to express your undying love to her besides some good music? Music can convey your feelings with minimal words and make her feel special. If you are looking for a track that will make her go all pink, then Mohammed Rafi’s voice will be a perfect choice.

Mohammed Rafi has a voice gifted, and he raised it as per the demand. He sang love tracks with very much tenderness and cared to keep the feeling of love. He is today remembered because of his voice and will forever be immortal. The best way to express your feelings and make your angry girlfriend smile is through some of these fantastic Mohammed Rafi tracks. They are the best, and the emotion attached to it has no match.

Best of Mohammed Rafi’s tracks to dedicate to your girlfriend, making her blush.

Deewana Mastana Hua Dil

Na Na Kartea Pyaar Tumhise

Sun Sun Jalima

Yeh Reshmi Zulfein

O Meri Mehabooba

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