Some great tracks by Shreya Ghoshal that can awestruck your beau

5 Wedding Duet Shreya Ghoshal’s Songs To Swoon Your Lover

If you have been to a big fat Indian wedding, you will be aware that it is all about shor sharaba and glitz and glamour. If the wedding is at your house, you probably will know that it is not how you had it all planned. Instead of enjoying all you have to do is work with some uncle-aunty you have never seen before shouting for things to get done correctly.

But then comes the first day, and all you can look at is the beautiful Jodi of bride and groom with the whole family together making some moves. But amongst all this, some great performances by your friends, families, and others comes the most awaited one. And that is dulha dulhan dance. So if you are the one getting married and planning on to surprise your other half by a dance, then you are on the right page.

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Shreya Ghoshal has given several songs that are hit options. If you want to surprise your beau with some right moves, then from the given below list, choose the one you like and get ready to get lost, making your couple dance worthwhile?

Manva Lage

Dola Re Dola

Deewani Mastani


Teri Ore

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