Best solo songs by Mohammed Rafi that are indeed addicting

6 Mohammed Rafi’s Solo Songs From Bollywood

Mohammed Rafi is one of the greatest legends of the music industry. His voice is so heavenly that his songs are a must one should add to their playlist. He had a song in every octave and matching every emotion. Gods for such an incredible voice truly blessed him. Whenever Mohammed Rafi commenced singing, his voice felt like honey to one’s ears.

Mohammed Rafi has a variety of songs. The street vendors sing numerous of his songs every day. He had a track for each one. A voice that with every song could make you laugh as well as cry. He has that magic to get shades of varying emotions out of an individual. He would get into the character whenever singing the part, making it of his own. He has the power to draw the listener into not just the song, but the mood and character.

Not all Mohammed Rafi’s tracks were duets. A few were sung by him himself. They also became a huge hit and most remembered ones. So here are truly addicting tracks of Mohammed Rafi that we all must listen to and enjoy the music.

Meri Awaz Suno, Naunihal

Chalke Teri Aankhon Se Sharab, Arzoo

Tumne Kisi Ki Jaan Ko, Raj Kumar

Mohabbat Ki Rahon Mein, Uran Khatola

Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan, Pyar Ka Mausam

Teri Zulfon Se Judai, Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai

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