These Mohammed Rafi's tracks are best for every romantic time to get your other half blushing

6 Mohammed Rafi’s Songs To Woo Your Special Someone

When you are looking forward to impressing your crush, you don’t need a long paragraph or have to do something out of the way to impress them. A simple song also can convey your message loud and clear but in a subtle way.

We always dream of having a fairytale love story with all the dreamy things happening and something magical. But in today’s time, love happens just by swiping left and right or by sliding into someone’s DM. How do you wish to commence your tale?

Though the way we used to fall in love has changed, the way one tried to impress their crush has changed and also has updated to the next level. There is always one thing that will never get old and will be just easy. Whenever you dedicate songs to the other person, there are chances of you making the right spot on their list. So why not do it through some old classical tracks? They will never let you down.

The expression of oneself through songs. When our words fall short or can’t make the perfect romantic point, songs jump in to save your day. On a date or planning to propose, music will make the moment more magical and ideal one.

Here are a few fantastic hits by Mohammed Rafi that would do the magic of impressing your crush. They are fabulous.

Teri Bindiya Re

Yeh Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahin

Sheher Mein Charcha Hai

Gori Ke Haath Mein Jaise Ye Challa

Uth Neend Se Mirzia Jaag Ja

Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya

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