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Best way to express yourself ideally is through these Mohammed Rafi tracks

7 Mohammed Rafi’s Songs Through Which You Could Easily Express Love

Wish to make your proposal a memorable one? What could be the best way of showing you’re falling in love other than music. Not everyone gets good with words to express themselves. What else could be the worst nightmare other than forgetting or fumbling with what you got to say? So where words fall short, music hops in.

If not writing your speech or tune, check these fantastic tracks that will help you hit the Cupid’s arrow just right. Show how much you care be it romantic ballad or beautiful collaboration, be confident your love interest is going to be struck by Cupid’s arrow with this one hell of a proposal to remember.

These Mohammed Rafi’s tracks will help you in making your interest fall just as hard as you in love after listening to these songs. Anyone would love to be the muse behind a tender love song.

O Haseena Zulfonwali

Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche

Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyar Tera

Dil Deke Dekho

Badan Pe Sitare

Tarif Karoon Kya Uski

Jaan Pechan Ho

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