Vote for the duo of Ajay-Atul or Armaan-Amaal, who has always given us masterpieces?

Ajay – Atul vs Armaan – Amaal: Which Composing Brothers Duo Is Your Favorite?

The Pune-born famous duo Ajay-Atul are self-taught artists. They got the media attention for their work in Marathi film Natrang and Jogwa, which was mind-blowingly spectacular. They have the potential to turn any non-music enthusiast to fall in adoration with their tunes.

Ajay-Atul has been the reason for significant change in the music today. They prefer to use their old-fashioned way of composing music. A few of their famous tracks include Zingaat, Khel Mandala, Apsara Aali, and many more. Each record is full of enthusiasm and energy that will make you dance non-stop.

Armaan Malik and Amaal Malik can together create magic moments for the listeners. The duo is brothers and has worked together for several amazing songs. The younger brother Armaan does the singing part and Amaal composing, and together they have created some beautiful enchanting spells that are a massive hit in the industry. Kyun Rabba, Kar Gayi Chull, Bol Do Na Zara, Sah Asmaan are a few perfections of the duo.

Who is your favorite duo? Ajay-Atul or Armaan-Amaal. Vote Now.

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