Check out which one between The Beatles and Eagles can make you groove!

Beatles Vs Eagles: Which Band Do You Groove To The Most?

The Beatles and Eagles are two of the top rock music bands of all time. Both the rock bands from the1960s and 1970s era have won the hearts of many with their incredible songs and music tracks. The Beatles and Eagles were the faces of rock music culture in the 1960s and 1970s days. They emerged rapidly at that time and went on to make a huge fan base. The songs by the two bands – The Beatles and Eagles are still listed by many.

The Beatles band had four talented music artists – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They released several great songs like A Day in the Life (1967), Hey Jude (1968), Here Comes the Sun (1969), Come Together (1969), and many more. The band got separated after a decade. But the fans remembered them. In fact, their songs are still listened to by many.

On the other hand, the Eagles were no less. The American rock band emerged when The Beatles were in their last phase. They went on winning several prestigious awards. Eagles dropped many incredible songs like Witchy Woman (1972), Hotel California (1976), Peaceful Easy Feeling (1972), New Kid In Town (1976), and many more. The team had Glenn Frey as the guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist; Don Henley as a drummer, guitarist, vocalist; Bernie Leadon as a guitarist, mandolin, banjo artist; and Randy Meisner on bass.

But who between the two made you groove? Comment down below!

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