Choose your favorite band between The Beatles and Pink Floyd

The Beatles VS Pink Floyd: Which Is Your Favorite Band?

The Beatles were an English rock association established in Liverpool during the 1960s. The band was made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. One of the most robust bands of all time also brought a colossal change in the music industry. They were the leaders of the era’s youth. They mostly experimented with their music and produced some fun time melodies. From rock and roll to hard rock, they tried their hands on everything.

The Beatles have been one of the top best-selling bands of all time. They have sold over 600 million units worldwide. From receiving numerous awards, they have also been named among the top influential people of the 20th century by Time magazine.

Pink Floyd is considered as the British’s first psychedelia group in becoming the leading brand of the progressive rock genre. The band was put together by a group of students Syd Barrett (guitar, lead vocals), Nick Mason (drums), Roger Waters (bass guitar, vocals), and Richard Wright (keyboard, vocals). They are another group to have been the leading band in the music industry. They also sold 250 million copies across the globe and have a considerable contribution to modern music.

If given a choice to bring back one band between The Beatles and Pink Floyd, whom would you choose? Vote Now.

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