Not so trendy Mohammed Rafi's tracks that deserve a mention

The Best Mohammed Rafi Songs You’ve Never Heard Of

Not every track released gets the same media attention as the other. Some might get immensely popular, whereas others might go unnoticed.

Mohammed Rafi, with his melodious voice, had the whole industry hooked. He got colossal greatness and popularity. His songs have always been a huge hit and topped the charts. He has sung thousands of tracks from Qawwalis, Ghazals, Bhajans, Romantic, Party, and many more, each unique and harmonious. He can make you feel related to his simple embedded with deep meaning tracks.

Mohammed Rafi scores the music expectations of the masses. His high versatile voice that could move from octaves and belt according to the need made him a prominent successful singer. He was the one people believed that Gods have gifted him their voice. He has always sung tracks that kept up with the expectations of the masses.

But not all the tracks always manage to hit home. Some don’t get the fame and attention they deserve. They get lost in the midst amongst the other hit ones. So here are some of Mohammed Rafi best-underrated tracks that need to be noticed,

Ae Nargise Mastana

Tum Jo Mile Gaye Ho

Kitna Pyara Wada Hai

Maa Tere Darbar

Ek Rasta Do Rahi

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