Look at how many artists went vocal about Covid-19 from Hollywood to Bollywood

Coronavirus: From Bollywood To Hollywood Songs On Covid-19 That Went Viral On Internet

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone so far. There have been too many outbreaks and hazardous things happening. The world has come to a literal stop because of the worldwide epidemic of Coronavirus popular called as Covid19. But this has not stopped artists from around the globe from being productive. There have always been some songs written by the singers. Times like these have always inspired one or two to write something from 1918 flu to AIDS.

Many singers went on to write and release some songs of the ongoing pandemic. A few have turned into epic memes while a quiet some have turned to be inspirational. The artists around the globe have tried their ways to make the virus song into light-hearted humor or some life safety measures melody. Surely, they have managed to be a hit in the public eye. People have enjoyed listening to songs written on social distancing to staying at home or helping one another.

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Here are a few vocals that made it on the list of Spotify playlist on Coronavirus.

Khatam Karona

Corona And Lime


Work From Home

Wake Me Up

Hands To Myself

The Coronavirus Song (Cardi B)


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