All you need to know about the fan-favorite Emiway Bantai

Who is Emiway Bantai & why is he so popular?

A boy from small gully of Mumbai to have caused chaos in the industry, popularly known as Emiway Bantai. Bilal Shaikh is with which he was christened with but he chose the stage name Emiway Bantai to mask his identity. Here’s a little more of who Emiway Bantai is.

Bilal Shaikh was impressed and very much inspired by Eminem. And so he adopted the stage name in a combination of two of his idols Eminem and Lil Wayne and hence, Emiway Bantai was born. He is a very talented fellow with capabilities not just of being a rapper but also a dancer, singer, songwriter and music composer, songwriter. In an orthodox Muslim family, Emiway had to go through a lot of hardships but as we all know that failure is the key to success and so he worked hard and with a lot of effort he learned hip-hop music. Though he started it as fun, the fun turned to passion and he made his passion turn into a career.

He started working for a café named Hard Rock Café. Making Hindi as his strength, he started making raps in Hindi. Aur Bantai was his first rap that was an immense success in 2014 and then there was no stopping for him. In 2017, he even had a spat with rapper Raftaar to which he wrote a rap #Sadak and again wrote a disc track Samajh Mein Aaya Kya.

Surely this guy has all our hearts. Listening to Emiway rap will make you fall in love and understand that music is way beyond romantic and heartbreak numbers. For more Emiway Bantai songs, stay tuned to which will keep you updated.

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