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K-Pop Singer IU’s Dating Life REVEALED

Dating is a big taboo in Korea, and so many celebrities keep their affair a secret. As it might affect not just their professional life but also might lose fans. But here are details on who IU has dated and who she is currently dating.

IU is a famous Korean singer, actress, and songwriter. Her birth name is Lee Ji Eun, who commenced her career in 2018 by singing numerous hit songs. She has also collaborated with several famous singers. She is a very generous and kind-hearted lady who always keeps a share from her earnings for donations. And the most essential thing is she does this in private without the media even getting a hint of her philanthropic work. She is very kind-hearted.

IU had been suspected to be dating Jang Ki Ha, a Korean radio host, and actor. In 2015, they confirmed their relationship and always found time for one another despite their busy schedule—the most dressed casual and used masks to keep themselves recognized to keep out from the public eye.

But after four years of dating, IU and Jang Ki Ha broke up. Currently, IU is single and focusing on her career.

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