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Did Jeon Jungkook really hate studying in school?

Did you know BTS’s Jungkook hated studying in school? Know the real truth

The K-Pop music industry has only seen growth and development in the last three years and when we talk about K-Pop music, the biggest name that’s viral and valid in everyone’s mind for all the right reasons is of the BTS boyband. The collaborative hard work and effort of some seriously talented individuals like Jungkook, Suga, and Jimin have taken the team forward immensely.

Their leader Jungkook is the blue-eyed boy of the K-Pop music fraternity and every time he performs live on stage, the screams and cheers coming from women around him speak volumes of the fandom and craze he commands among women.

But readers, what all do you know about his past school life? Do you know that during school, Jungkook used to hate studying? Well, we aren’t saying this.

Jungkook has himself gone on record to say on multiple occasions in interviews and reports in kpopherald.com also say that Jungkook simply hated studying during school life but he loved physical education, art and music.

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