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Pick-a-boo with Dhvani Bhanushali’s life and everything we want to know about her family. Surely it’s something to know about

A little sneak-a-peak into Dhvani Bhanushali’s life and family

Dhvani Bhanushali is a name that we know of after her hit song Vaaste. And that is how she became a celebrity. Well, there’s more to doll-faced Dhvani Bhanushali. Here’s a worthy little bit from her life.

Dhvani Bhanushali comes from a well-established family. Her father is the President of Global Marketing and Media Publishing for T-series, Vinod Bhanushali. She also has a younger sister, Diya Bhanushali. When asked about her singing Dhvani admitted that singing was something that happened spontaneously and it was Himesh Reshammiya who asked her to pursue music as a career.

Dhvani Bhanushali admits to being as big and popular as Beyoncé. And also aspires to work with AR Rahman at some point. She has had a pot filled with luck. Being a 21-year-old into the industry with such a successful career, she had her part of success. She performed with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the film Welcome To New York, Ishtehaar and the song was a blockbuster.

Dhvani Bhanushali also worked with Neha Kakkar and their song Dilbar was the first Hindi song to enter the Billboard Top 10 list. She has sung many songs that are hard to miss like Leja Re, Main Teri Hoon, Duniyaa and many amazing more.

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A little sneak-a-peak into Dhvani Bhanushali's life and family

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