Mohammed Rafi and some more fun facts on him

Mohammed Rafi: All The Facts That Every Fan Should Know

The most influential singer and legend of the music industry Mohammed Rafi made a significant impact on the music industry. Mohammed Rafi along with Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar also a few others revolutionized the music industry. Here are a few interesting facts about the singer that everyone should know if they are his fans.

Mohammed Rafi was born on 24th December and died on 31st July 1980. His death left a huge hollow mark on the Industry. Ten thousand people attended his death proceeding.

Mohammed Rafi was majorly known for his versatility and tracks that varied from peppy numbers to patriotic as well as romantic and sad songs. Also not to forget the fact that he sung in numerous regional as well as foreign languages.

Mohammed Rafi has collected several awards and recognitions throughout his career. From winning National Film Awards to Padma Shri as well as being recognized as the Best Singer of the Millennium.

When Mohammed Rafi first came to Mumbai, he stayed at Bhendi Bazar. He stayed in a crowded place and was introduced by Tanvir Naqvi to several notable classical singers.

Mohammed Rafi worked with several recognized artists. He considered his first Hindi track to be Aji Dil Ho Kaaboon Mein.

In 1948, Mohammed Rafi was awarded a silver medal from Jawaharlal Nehru on Independence day. When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated there was a song written in his honor. The track was sung by Mohammed Rafi – Suno Suno Duniya Walon, Bapuji Ki Amar Kahani.

Mohammed Rafi indeed had an exciting life. Throughout his career, he gave some remarkable tracks to be remembered for years to come. He sang overall more than seven thousands of melodies.

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