The man to have inspired hundreds of aspirants is no other than Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi: The Successful Singer Every Man Loves

Mohammed Rafi had the most successful career in the music industry. He was one of the greatest legends of the Music industry between Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, and many others who revolutionized the face of the Bollywood Music industry. It made a considerable change and came to be known as the Golden era of the 90s.

Mohammed Rafi was inspired by fakirs and tried to imitate singing. Later, he got trained from classical singers like KL Saigal. It was believed before Mohammed Rafi found his voice of singing he imitated KL Saigal’s style of singing. Mohammed Rafi won our hearts with thousands of his music tracks. He sang a range of emotions from happy to sad, lonely to romantic, and everything possible.

When there is a comparison done between Mohammed Rafi and other singers in the industry, we all know that Mohammad Rafi had the best voice. People believed he had a voice gifted by gods. So if you ever need assurance why people were so crazy for him and why he is idolized to date, listen to a few fantastic tracks by him.

Mohammed Rafi’s tracks that will prove why he was the best and show different shades of Rafi saheb altogether.

O Duniya Ke Rakshwale

Meri Dosti Mera Pyar

Aasman Se Aaya Farishta

Aane Se Uske Aaye Bahar

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