Gifted with amazing talent Mohammed Rafi was a multilingual singer. He had sung in many different languages and here's proof

Mohammed Rafi Sung In English, Spanish Persian, Here’s Proof

Mohammed Rafi undoubtedly one of the greatest and the finest singer of the Hindi cinema had a voice gifted by Gods themselves. He was a man of some unique talent many of which perhaps still remains a mystery to many of his fans and admirers. Looking back at his amazing contributions in the golden era of the 90s, he has given one of the best songs to the music industry and will never fail to store upstream of emotions in the listener’s consciousness. He is a guy who will remain unmatched with and there will be no search. Mohammed Rafi is no more amongst us. He has been a great inspirational figure to many present singers.

There are a few facts about Mohammed Rafi which not many of his admirers would be aware of and such a fact is that not many are aware of is he just did not sing in Hindi but also English, Arabic, Persian, Dutch as well as the local language of Mauritius Creole.

Though Mohammed Rafi did not have the perfect accent of the respective songs that he sang in foreign languages, they were perfectly beautiful and are still in the hearts of many. Some of his amazing English, Persian and Spanish songs are:

  1. English- The She I Love, The World Is One
  2. Persian- Aye Taaza Gul

Wasn’t Mohammed Rafi an amazing guy?