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The best playlist of Mohammed Rafi's tracks that will suit your every mood

Mohammed Rafi: The Ultimate Playlist For Every Mood

The alluring voice of Mohammed Rafi is the one that we will never get enough of. One of the most exceptional timeless voice that always manages to fascinate the crowd. A voice that indeed belongs to every occasion and everywhere. A melody that will forever try to amaze everyone with the liveliness and emotions embedded to them. There was no other and never be someone as great as Mohammed Rafi.

During the 1970s, Mohammed Rafi suffered from throat infection and so couldn’t work for a few months, but later, he made an excellent recovery and made a comeback like a blaster. A singer that will never need any introduction. From small screen actors to big-time stars as well as songs for street vendors, he has sung a song for everyone. He has kept the musical era of the 60s to 90s a memorable one with thousands of his mind-blowing tracks.

There have been numerous songs remade that were sung by Mohammed Rafi and are iconic. But no other brilliant singer, no matter how amazing he is, would be able to sing as good as Mohammed Rafi.

If you are a fan or not an admirer of Mohammed Rafi, never mind. Here are some of his best songs that will suit your every mood.

Gulabi Aankhein

Badan Pe Sitare

Bade Bewafa Hai Yeh Husn Wale

Yeh Rang Na Chutega

Baar Baar Tohe Kya

Main Sharabi Nahin

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