Impress your love interest with some great Ghazals sung by Mohammed Rafi that are hopelessly romantic

Mohammed Rafi’s Ghazal-Inspired Love Songs

If your childhood majorly consisted of Bollywood movies, then you are possibly a hopelessly romantic person who always believes in real love and finding ‘the one’. We still wish to find love just like Rahul and Simran. Or the way Harry met Sejal. But deep down, we all know that our prince is not going to come riding on a horse or Princess would be a damsel in distress. That just doesn’t happen anymore.

Love is unpredictable, and Bollywood is somewhat the culprit in giving us many expectations on finding love at unusual places. We won’t find the ‘Rahul’, or ‘Simran’ Bollywood has shown us, but clearly, there is someone who would be Rahul and Simran for us. So why not celebrate love with some good songs? What is the best way of expressing love by listening to Ghazals? They are the best.

So here are some beautiful Ghazals by Mohammed Rafi that are inspired by the love you must listen to!

Hum Bekhudi Mein

Koi Sagar Dil Ko Bahlat

Rang Aur Noor Ki Barat

Meri Mehabbat Qabool

Mere Mehboob Kahin

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