Here’s an amazing musical journey of Mohammed Rafi that will leave you amazed

Mohammed Rafi’s musical journey: From Hindustan Ke Hum Hai to Tu Kahin Aas Paas Hai

Mohammad Rafi is one of the greatest and most influential playback singers. He had a notable voice that was embedded with versatility. His amazing range of songs was from peppy numbers to patriotic songs, sad numbers to romantic songs, qawwalis to ghazals and bhajans to classical songs. He could mold his voice according to the style of the actor and perfectly lip-sync according to the need.

Mohammed Rafi has sung over thousand Hindi film songs. He also recorded numerous songs in many Indian languages including Konkani, Assamese Bhojpuri and so on as well as he also sang songs in many foreign languages including English, Farsi, Persian, Dutch and many more.

Mohammed Rafi started his musical journey from imitating the fakirs singing and that is how he learned singing. He started his musical career for the notable music director Naushad Ali, with the song Hindustan Ke Hum Hain for the movie Pehle Aap. This was the song that helped make Rafi a prominent mark in the Hindi cinema.

Later, Mohammad Rafi worked with many other composers like SD Burman, Roshan, Jaikishan and many more legendary composers. He earned quite a fame and was loved immensely for his God-like voice.

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