Mohammed Rafi's voice can get you out of your daily woes. He is a perfect fit for every mood

Mohammed Rafi’s Songs That Make You Forget Everything

We all know how great Mohammed Rafi has been. One of the most influential singers of the Bollywood industry as well as internationally. He has sung in several Indian and foreign languages.

Mohammed Rafi was a great contributor with his valuable treasure worthy tracks. He is one of those legendary singers whose song is a prized possession we have had for several decades. Something to keep close to heart and something dear to our soul because they were always something relatable.

Here are a few of Mohammed Rafi’s cherished tracks that will forever be worthwhile:

Dil Ke Jharokhe Mein,

Kaan Mein Jhumka,

Yunhi Tum Mujhse Baat,

Chadti Jawani,

Chalo Dildar Chalo,

Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye,

Yes, Mohammed Rafi’s songs are held dear to our hearts and minds. For more tracks, will keep you posted.

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