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Fall in Love and experience the incredible feeling of what Love is with these fantastic Mohammed Rafi's songs

These Mohammed Rafi’s Songs Will Remind You Of Your First Love

Check some of these greatest hits by Mohammed Rafi that sing the melody of Love. Indian music cinema has seen a considerable number of singers and artists come and go. Still, only a handful of them made a great impression and unforgettable marks in the industry. One such voice was that of Mohammed Rafi. With a career of four decades, he gave a few of the greatest and best hits one could ever ask for.

Mohammed Rafi has an immense contribution to music, and that spread across regions and not just in Hindi. He was the playback singer for a range of actors and genres, bringing about a substantial radical change to Bollywood’s musical culture.

We have grown up hearing to and following the number of romantic Bollywood songs. And whenever the protagonist wanted to express their Love, it was through music. And to strike the perfect chord with our romantic hearts having passionate lyrics is not enough. One needs to have a tender voice to raise the temperatures.

Here are some of the best songs by Mohammed Rafi that will remind you of your first Love and all those blissful memories and times.

Jane Kahan Mera Jihar Gaya

Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyar

Gulabi Aankhen

Bol Mere Sathiya

Ae Phoolon Ki Rani

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