Some of the best songs by Mohammed Rafi that will fit your every occasion

Mohammed Rafi’s YouTube Songs Playlists For Every Occasion

One of the most celebrated and most timeless figures of the Indian music industry is Mohammed Rafi. The voice that is permanently fixed in most of the taxis, salons, hotels, road trips, and many more. One of the most exceptional legendary sounds that everyone grew up listening to was always a background score for many of our childhood.

Though there has been tremendous change and revolution in the country, the one that seems eternally grateful and evergreen is the voice of Mohammad Rafi that is heard echoing through the speakers with the same comforting melody date. There have been many singers and artists who did a great job of imitating him, for example, Sonu Nigam, who had his voice influenced by Rafi.

Although there have been several voices who have tried to imitate him, we will never have another Mohammed Rafi whose voice left the whole nation craving for more as well as won their hearts. His is the voice that would fit and be heard on every occasion.

Here are the best tracks by Mohammed Rafi that are not just in remembrance of such great artist but suit your every occasion.

Bade Newafa Hai Yeh Husn Wale

Mere Tho Jo Bi Kadham Hai

Tere Nainon Ke Mein

Gora Rang Chunariya Kaali

Dheere Dheere Chal Chand

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