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Which genre of music is your favorite? Opera or Jazz

Opera vs Jazz: Which is Your Personal Favorite?

There are numerous genres in the music industry. They vary depending on the region, country, culture, and a lot of many aspects. Some are filled with the richness of history while some are a result of the change in society. Several genres are depending on the time frame, and hence many may overlap. Between Opera and Jazz, which is your favorite?

Opera has the richness of history and Classical art to its form. It is a dramatic story in a musical way of having art, music, drama, and dance as it is believed that not words but music can speak to the soul of an individual. Opera has been famous for its use of music to convey a story or a plot. With intense music and dance, any story could be brought to life and made to seem real happening before one’s eye. There are numerous types of opera, depending on country to country. Many of our favorite fairy tales have also been brought to life through these operas. Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and others are vividly known and famous.

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Jazz music is a kind of music that has every aspect you wish to have in your music. It originated during the 19th – 20th century and is a mixture of creativity and interactivity. A form that has roots in Africa as well as European culture. The rhythm of the music will get your feets tapping and it is a rejuvenating and refreshing element of music. There have been numerous theories as to how it helps calm the mind and is beneficial in reducing fatigue.

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Opera or Jazz, which of the two great genres of music, is your favorite? Vote Now.

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