A must-add list from Monali Thakur playlist from some of the best works

A Playlist Of Monali Thakur Songs From Khudaya Khair To Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

Have you ever watched a film and just skipped the songs? While there are a few who do this, then there is a song or voice that catches our attention, and we only get addicted to it. Monali Thakur is one such voice who has made an impressive mark with few of her best melodies. We all agree that Bollywood would have been nowhere as it is now if there were no music. Songs in films are mandatory no matter what genre of movie it is. Now we see Hollywood also has slowly and steadily started the trend of incorporating music into their films.

Monali Thakur has a very passionate voice that directly seeps into one’s heart. She matches the perfect melody and listens to her, and we feel how unique she is. Also, there is something about her in that voice that makes her a favorite of all. Her voice is perfect for romantic songs. For the song Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, she also won a National award. She is a trained classical singer as well as an actor. She has music filled in her veins as both her mother’s side and her father are into music. Not to forget her sister Mehuli Thakur is also a singer.

Here is a playlist of perfect songs by Monali Thakur that were incredible.

Aga Bai

Khwab Dekhe

Love Me Thoda Aur

Raghupati Raghav

Sawaar Loon

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