Between Shreya Ghoshal and Alka Yagnik, who has the perfect voice?

Shreya Ghoshal VS Alka Yagnik: Whose Voice Is More Melodious?

If you think of a beauty who is blessed with a fantastic voice then the first one to pop in your head would be Shreya Ghoshal. She has made an enormous contribution to the music industry. Her voice is being compared to the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Shreya has sung an ample amount of tracks that get millions of adoration from the masses. Her voice is very soft and tender. This makes her tracks feel more close to her heart. Her records that have been significant hits are Intezaar, Hasi, Sunn Raha Hai, Agar Tum Saath Ho, and many more.

The one to be considered an iconic singer is Alka Yagnik. She has made an immense contribution to the music industry with numerous of her hit tracks. She has the most beautiful voice one could fall in love with. She has won several awards and recognition for her valuable records. Each of her songs is pure gold.

Ek Do Teen, Taal Se Taal, are a few of Alka Yagnik’s valuable tracks. Her songs every second feels like a bite from a heavenly dessert. She has worked with numerous composers and sung for many actresses. She has won hundreds of awards for her contribution.

Who is your favorite singer? Who do you believe in having a melodic voice? Shreya Ghoshal or Alka Yagnik. Vote Now

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