The season finale of Star Singer included the reunion of India’s top two singers in addition to the announcement of the season’s winner. Shreya Ghoshal, a famous singer, attended the reality show’s latest grand finale as a guest. She not only graced the stage with her presence but also sang with the judge and seasoned performer KS Chithra during a tribute to the late queen Lata Mangeshkar. They played “Satyam Sivam Sundaram,” one of the great vocalist Lata Ji’s most well-known songs, on stage. The two lucky vocalists have undoubtedly pleased music fans with their beautiful performance.

Shreya said that it was one of her most memorable experiences after the performance. “Lataji is my greatest teacher. It is a true honor to pay her respect by singing one of her well-known songs. And there are no words to describe the feeling of playing the same song with Chithraji, the vocalist I always admire. To put how I feel into words, I am at a loss. It appears to be an imaginary scene. Because of this, I will always cherish this particular time in my life,” she stated.

The popular music competition “Star Singer” was over when Ridhu Krishna was named the winner. The award for the vocalist was a fixed sum of one crore. Let’s watch the video of Shreya Ghoshal and KS Chithra performing their duet.

Here’s the video: