The legendary singer of the classical age Mohammed Rafi was a true multilingual singer and here are his Bhojpuri hits that are must to have on your playlist

Top 10 Bhojpuri Songs of Mohammed Rafi

When we hear Bhojpuri songs the only one to start playing on our mind is ‘Tu Lagavelu Jab Lipstick’ isn’t that true? Well, Bhojpuri music has many more amazing ones than that. That song could be the sexiest one but here are more songs that will make you listen on loops.

Talking about Mohammed Rafi he was a multilingual singer. He has sung songs not just in Indian languages besides Hindi, but also many of his songs have been in foreign languages as well. His contribution to the music industry has been incredibly beautiful. Be it romantic or sad, qawwalis or ghazals or bhajans, patriotic he did them with an emotion that kept everyone hooked.

Listed below are the top 10 of his Bhojpuri songs that you will enjoy assuredly.
1. Sonwa Ke Pinjra Men

2. Gorki Patarki Re

3. Phoot Gaile Kismatiya

4. Chorwa Na Le Jaye

5. Mor Bhangia Ka Manai De

6. Fulwa Niyar Naar Sukvaar

7. Tadap Tadap Jiyawa Dehiya

8. Jise Ishq Ka Ho Dawa

9. Phool Bagiya Ka

10. Jiya Kasak Masak Mor Rahe

Wasn’t it worthwhile? Mohammed Rafi and his voice without question were astonishing.

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