Greatest ghazals by one of the most prominent singers of the industry, Mohammed Rafi

Top 10 Mohammed Rafi’s Ghazal Songs

Mohammed Rafi’s voice was truly iconic. And it was indeed way ahead of its time. Voice sculpted by God’s themselves; he was an incredible legend of the music industry.

Contribution to the music industry by Mohammed Rafi is beyond comparison. He gave the number of compositions that changed the industry. He was the King of classical Bollywood. His song will never get out of style because they correctly connected with the masses. He was the one to have grown learning how to sing, by imitating the fakirs and it was genuinely remarkable.

Mohammed Rafi has sung songs from every genre. He was the one among others who brought huge change and set high standards in the Bollywood music industry. His vocals ranged from peppy, romantic, patriotic, bhajans, qawwalis. Ghazals sung by Mohammed Rafi are spectacular, and they will stay in your heart forever.

Here are some of his amazing Ghazals that work their magic, making you fall for Mohammed Rafi more than you already are crazy for.

1. Dil Ki Baat Kahi Nahi Jati

2. Meri Mohabbat Qabool

3. Bhari Duniya Main

4. Mere Mehboob

5. Hum Bekhudi Mein

6. Yeh Na Thi Hamari

7. Nukta Chain Hai

8. Baithe Hai

9. Muddat Huyi Hai

10. Guzre Hain Aaj Ishq

Aren’t these amazing? Mohammed Rafi has not just had the best voice, but also the lyrics were heart-touching and gave a valuable lesson.

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