Annihilate your feelings for your ex once and for all with these Nicki Minaj's songs

Top 5 Nicki Minaj’s Songs To Help You Move On Over Your Breakup

Breaking up is a nasty thing. All the things you had planned together as a couple and all the promises just like that go down in the drain. No matter what the reason is for one to split up, the pain is immense and hurts everyone on a different level. People have various ways to deal with heartbreak, and one of the best escape one could ever plan for is through songs.

Many artists have sung songs that spoke highly of heartbreak and never going back to the same person back again. From Taylor Swift to Drake, though, they said it certainly made a significant point in different ways. Some people have found their soulmate within the first relationship, but some have not. And if you are here because someone broke your heart and hurt you, listen to some of the greatest tracks by savage queen Nicki Minaj who will help you get over your ex.

Break Up

Feeling Myself

Your Love


No Broken Hearts

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