BTS Jungkook has always ruled millions of hearts with his charisma, and here are 5 legit reasons why he is a heartthrob

Top 5 Reasons Why BTS Jungkook Is Heartthrob Of ARMY

Jungkook is the youngest member of the BTS boy band, also known as Bangtan Boys. Being the youngest in the group, he has been adored by everyone in the band. The idol is jovial and loves to make people laugh. His amazing singing talent and dance performance on stage brought him to the band, and he is now popular worldwide. JK is considered one of the most handsome and cutest idols in K-pop bands. And here, we share 5 reasons why he is the heartthrob of the ARMY.

Jungkook’s Voice

Jungkook is globally praised for his perfect pitch, understanding of rhythm, and unique vocal range that make him different from others in the band. The idol is one of the main vocalists in the BTS band. In addition, the soothing and enchanting voice makes ARMY go flattering over him while the female ARMY feels lovestruck.

Kind And Humanitarian Behaviour

BTS Jungkook is very grounded and humble. And cameras often spot him making kind gestures for his fans or anyone around him. He keeps others before his pain in every situation.

Jungkook’s Strong Love For ARMY

Jungkook’s pleasing behavior is just a normal thing. The idol loves to spread love and be loved. But his love for his fans, who made him the star he is today, is beyond words. And to show his fondness for ARMY, he even got a tattoo dedicated to his BTS ARMY.

Jungkook’s Cutest Equation With Other Members

Jungkook is the youngest and receives love from everyone in his group. And in return, he adores everyone in his band and shares a great equation with every member. His pictures with band members often float over the internet.

Passion And Determination For Work

BTS Jungkook loves to give his best in his music and work. He is very passionate about his music, and we can witness that through his songs.

On the work front, BTS boys took a hiatus from group projects to explore themselves in solo music. Jungkook has many solo singles such as ‘Euphoria’, ‘Stay’, ‘My Time’ and others. In addition, Jungkook released his latest single ‘Dreamers’ during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

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