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Click with your romantic heart listening to these extreme passionate duets by Mohammed Rafi

Top Mohammed Rafi’s Romantic Duets

If there was a term that could describe the voice of Mohammed Rafi, then it would be ‘eternal bliss’. Even decades after his death, a voice that is timeless and has to date still manages to impress us and give us chills. A voice that will be forever young and zestful.

You are in the North or South. The voice of Mohammed Rafi would be heard playing through the radio in every state. His voice seems as if the songs were sung for every romantic couple. The lyrical voice of Mohammed Rafi was indeed gold.

If you are in a romantic relationship and want to listen to some good love tracks or dedicate one to one another, there won’t be one as perfect as the one Mohammed Rafi has given us. His voice continued to be the musical consciousness of the country. Many have tried to recreate his golden gems, but surely no one would succeed in singing a song as he did.

Khoya Khoya Chand

Teri Aankhon Ke

Chand Mera Dil

Dil Ka Bhanwar

Teri Bindiya Re

These perfect duets by Mohammed Rafi will set your romance-filled mood.

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