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There is something about every singer that we all love and are drawn towards their voice. So let’s unwrap what is so special about Mohammed Rafi’s voice that we all love

What’s the magic behind Mohammed Rafi’s blockbuster songs?

Mohammed Rafi was the singer of the 90s golden era. A voice that we heard since we all were kids. His is the voice that was linked to every childhood memory we have. Be it a channawala or ice cream wala bhaiya, as well as the balloon sellers all, used to sing a song to notify we kids that they are here. And guess who originally sung those songs? Yeah! Mohammed Rafi.

And so there is no doubt that whenever Mohammed Rafi song is on, we can’t help but the kid in us is triggered and we all go down the memory lane.

Another specialty of Mohammed Rafi’s songs was the emotions they carried. Each song had an emotion embedded onto it. And so we could relate and feel the song. Listening to him sing felt like we ourselves were in the situation. Dancing, laughing or crying. He had a different level of heart-rending touch that had us all be in tune with the song.

Don’t you think Mohammed Rafi candidly had a special touch to his songs making them famous?

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