The total net worth of BigBang will leave your jaw-dropping

WOW: Combined Net Worth Of K-pop’s BigBang Will SHOCK You

One of the most prominent and most influential bands in South Korea is BigBang. The group comprises Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri, and T.O.P and they have captured the whole music industry with their vast hit albums in Korean and Japanese languages.

BigBang was formed in 2006 under YG Entertainment, where the boys used to take music training. Later, they released their first album named Bigband Vol. 1 that made them famous across South Korea. Later, their success followed with We Belong Together, La La La, Tonight, Blue, and many more. They have released songs in Korean as well as Japanese languages. With immense success and contribution to the music industry, the band has received several awards and recognition not just restriction to South Korea and Japan but also internationally.

BigBang is a massive band with global success. From the band, G-Dragon is the richest, followed by Taeyang. According to reports from, the total gross earnings of the whole band is $40 million. They also earn through numerous royalties and performances across the world.

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