Yeo Jin-goo and his relationship status was revealed. Read below


Yeo Jin-goo is a true superstar of South Korea and has all the qualities that one needs. From being called Nation’s Little Brother as a child artist when his actual career commenced, he has come a long way, and today is the international crush of lasses all over the globe. Calling him Superstar is valid in all sense. Not just a singer, he is also a fantastic singer who has left all his fans in awe.

Yeo Jin-goo is quite popular professionally, but he is a very secretive person in his personal life. And so when asked about if he has been in any relationship or has a girlfriend, Yeo Jin-goo has no rush in finding the right one as of now and is happily enjoying his fame and work. The only relationship he has right now is with his work.

Being so cute and dashing, it is hard to believe that Yeo Jin-goo has never been in any relationship. Though there have been stories of him being close and spending time with IU, they claim to be just friends.

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