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Mobile Premier League Gets Funding Boost as eSports Continues to Flourish

The gaming industry seems to be going from strength to strength all over the world at the moment, with fresh developments regularly emerging to reinvigorate the sector.

For example, there was recently big news in relation to cloud-based gaming, with Amazon confirming plans to launch Luna. The platform will offer people the chance to play titles on a range of different devices, from Fire TV and PC to Apple and Android systems.

There has also been a major announcement in terms of mobile gaming and eSports too, with a key platform in India getting a big boost.

Growth plans

It was recently confirmed that Mobile Premier League – or MPL – has raised $90 million in a round of Series C funding. A statement revealed that a range of organisations was involved in the stage, including SIG, RTP Global, MDI Ventures and existing investors including Sequoia India.

MPL describes itself as the largest gaming platform in Asia, with it adding more than 70 games to its platform since it launched in September 2018. Its user figures are thought to be over 60 million, while around two billion cash transactions are believed to have taken place on the system to date as well.

In its latest announcement, MPL revealed how the fresh capital is set to be used to boost its position in the gaming market, while there are also plans to expand its offering and grow the team working on it. Product development will also be a key issue, as the organisation intends to take steps to address social functions including live streaming capabilities.

Streaming success

It is an exciting time for everyone connected to MPL and it is perhaps unsurprising that the platform intends to look into the issue of live streaming. After all, the concept has become a major issue in many sectors, with the entertainment world turning to it a lot in recent years.

Streaming has been a big deal in TV for some time, with news emerging a couple of years ago on how Republic TV was set to live-stream on ZEE5. In recent weeks, sites like Gadgets360 revealed that Amazon Fire TV was launching live streaming options in India as well. Top sporting events like the Indian Premier League can also be watched through streaming these days, with Disney+ Hotstar being one of the platforms showing matches. The technology is also a big part of online gambling, as many online iGaming platforms offer a host of live casino experiences that make use of the technology. Games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat are hosted by real-life dealers via a video link, with players then having the chance to interact with them as the action unfolds.

In music, many artists have used live streaming to showcase performances in recent months, and Billboard reported on the news that former One Direction star Niall Horan is set to hold a special event at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Streamers like PewDiePie are also a big deal in gaming and the star made headlines when he signed an exclusive deal with YouTube earlier this year.

Major interest

The MPL news also perhaps emphasises how there is massive interest in general in the world of eSports at the moment.

Mobile Premier League Gets Funding Boost as eSports Continues to Flourish


eSports Insider recently estimated that more than $186 million had been raised in disclosed eSports investments during September. While that figure included the funding raised by MPL, it also featured other deals such as Guild eSports’ listing on the London Stock Exchange and Anubis Gaming undertaking a seed funding round.

At the start of October, data intelligence organisation Newzoo released new estimates related to the revenues which would be generated by the sector this year, with it concluding that the industry would make $950.5 million globally. Major growth is anticipated in the short term as well, as revenues are predicted to reach $1,598.2 million by 2023.

A bright future

Considering the situation with eSports at present, it certainly appears that the future is looking bright for MPL.

The new capital secured by the platform is an exciting development and it will be interesting to see how it evolves. With a big emphasis being placed on live streaming at present, it will be intriguing to see what that might bring to MPL going forward.

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